Born and raised in the Mediterranean area, Joseph and Helena were surrounded with the wild herbs, the aroma and the beauty of the land of olive. Both Joseph and Helena’s families pressed olives to make olive oil for cooking and creating soaps. As a young man, Joseph helped his family press olives to make olive oil for the handmade soap. Joseph’s family used the homemade soap in the bath as shampoo, body wash and for shaving.

As a little girl, Helena played in the fields of the village in which she was raised. Helena became familiar with the wild herbs that grew in the fields and learned how to use them in cooking and soap making.

After they were married, Joseph and Helena opened a boutique, which quickly grew to a second boutique. They sold fine handmade and crafted items included soaps, perfumes, gifts, handmade embroidery and offered professional tailoring.

After moving with their two sons to America, Joseph and Helena began making handmade soap, upon reminiscing about their youthful days of soap making, Joseph and Helena found soaping making therapeutic and began improving upon his traditional recipes. Friends and family raved about the soaps that they received as gifts. Joseph left some samples with a few specialty shops. The soaps were so well received that Lilie De Vallée was born.


Our small family owned and operated business is dedicated to producing the finest products. We use only the highest quality essential oils, fragrance oils and all natural ingredients from our suppliers. Our company does not focus on quantity. Our objective is to make the best possible product. Every bar of soap is handmade with meticulous attention to detail. Each bar weighs between 3 to 5.5 ounces. We do NO animal testing. We are aware of the many beneficial healing powers from essential oils, but our company makes no claims. Our business is fair-minded and has reasonable prices. We value our customers and believe that they deserve the best quality service.