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  • 100% Natural Lip Balm


    Great for everyday lip protection. This all natural therapy lip balm contains a natural sun protection of approximately 18 due to the natural sun protection properties of shea butter. Lip Balm lasts through swimming, drinking, eating.

    Paraben free.

  • Amino Conditioner


    Wheat protein nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft while silk amino acids restructure and fortify the hair. Hydrating active ingredients and herbal infusions give this conditioner superior comb out and full, bouncy, shiny hair.

    70% organic. Paraben & sulfate free.

  • Anti-oxidant Eye Crème


    To help properly and beautifully frame your gorgeous eyes, firm and healthy skin is a must. Not too heavy, not too light – absorbs easily, but also leaves a layer of protection from the daily environmental onslaught.

    Organic content. Paraben free.

  • Arnica Intensive Heat


    The powerful, natural ingredients of aloe, arnica, MSM, amino acids, and essential oils blended together. Helps inflammation, bruising, muscle tension, soreness, and chronic stiffness.

    70% organic. Paraban free.

  • Baby Lotion


    Soft, gentle, and non-toxic. The finest natural ingredients are used to smooth and condition babies’ skin. Moms love it too!

    Organic content.

  • Body & Linen Mist


    This is a fabulous lavender spray can be used as a body, linen or room spray. Dust mites hate lavender. Lavender speaks for itself as an intensely relaxing, sedating and soothing scent.

    Paraben free.

  • Botanical Shampoo


    Plant actives enrich this inspired formula with healing components. Plant lipids sooth and protect the upper dermal layers for a desirable washing experience. Gentle enough to be used on baby too!

    72% organic. Paraben and sulfate free.

  • Brightening Serum


    A highly effective serum to help lighten hyper pigmentation, fade sun spots. Layer under lotion or use alone for a lighter feel. Help speed up cell turnover, cell renewal activation, and enhance collagen production.

    Organic content. Paraben free.



    This is very nice soap bag made from natural cotton yarn. You could put the soap in it, use to exfoliate the face or any area.

  • Dead Sea & Himalayan Bath Salt


    Our Dead Sea Salt is 100% pure. It also contains the highest mineral content – 10 times more minerals than ordinary sea salt.  Our Dead Sea Salt assists in cleansing, detoxifying and restoring a healthy status to the body, skin and muscles.

  • Deep Moisturizer Hand & Body Crème


    This is a wonderful therapy moisture crème for the face, neck and rough, damaged hands. Also great for use on knees, elbows, heels, stretch marks or anywhere that needs special treatment.

    72% organic. Paraban free.

  • Essential Skin Care Package


    Save $15.98 when you order the Essential Package instead of purchasing items separately.

    Organic content. Paraben free.